A Guide to Spring Cleaning the Home


Most people do not look forward to the annual spring clean, indeed, many homeowners prefer to postpone this until they have little choice, and like most things, the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes. If you feel that the interior of your home is looking a little jaded and needs a through clean from top to bottom, here are some tips to help you plan the perfect spring clean.

Plan the Project

Like most things, planning the spring clean will make things a lot easier, and you can start by drawing up a list of essentials that you will need. These would include the following:

  1. Feather dusters, dustpan & brush, brooms, mops and buckets, plus a lot of clean, dry cotton strips that can be used to clean windows, furniture and fittings.
  2. Black Bin Bags – You will be surprised at just how much junk you will find during the annual cleanout; device and appliance packaging, devices that no longer work, old clothing items and general rubbish that usually ends up in the loft or under the stairs.
  3. Bedsheets and Blankets – These can be used to drape over immoveable furniture, and also to protect the floors.

Deep Cleaning the Carpets

The annual spring clean is the perfect time to have your carpets deep cleaned, and by calling in the professional carpet cleaning in Bournemouth on the day you finish the clean, your carpets will smell fresh and clean. Of course, this should be the very last thing you do, and once the covering sheets have been removed, the carpet cleaner can work his magic.

If the family all join together, the clean can be completed in a single day, and with the carpet cleaner booked for the following day, you can relax.

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