8 Vital Tips To Consider Before Building A Fence At Home


\For any DIY enthusiast, building your own home fence is a challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable project, you get to work on a structure which will improve the overall aesthetics of your home while providing increased protection, privacy and security. But before getting started, you must consider these important tips.

Tip 1

Understand the boundaries between your property and neighbouring land. You don’t want to construct a fence only to find out afterwards that you have built the structure on someone else’s land. Survey your property to ensure you know what area belongs to you.

Tip 2

Contact your local gas supply board to ensure you don’t hit any underground pipes when digging holes. Although this seems like an obvious tip, a substantial number of people forget to do this and the after effects can be disastrous. Your regional gas company should be able to inform you of the location of any pipes which you must avoid.

Tip 3

Purchase goods from a reputable, local supplier, if you are based around the Oxford area you can conduct a quick online search for fencing supplies near me to help you find the best possible garden fencing company in the area. It is beneficial to buy locally so if you have any questions about the material or installation process, you can easily contact your fencing supplier or visit their showrooms.

Tip 4

When you construct your fence remember to include two entry and exit points for convenience purposes. If you only include one and that gate has a problem, then you have no access to your yard. Sometimes builders completely forget important details such as this in their plans.

Tip 5

Communicate your intentions to your neighbours, it is important that you speak to your neighbours about your plans to erect a fence. Noise levels will increase during construction so it’s best to keep your neighbours informed so you can continue to enjoy a good relationship. You’d expect the same courtesy from them in return.

Tip 6

Choose your materials wisely and discuss your options with a fencing supplies company. Some material such as wood looks great, but requires a lot of maintenance and rots over time, whereas steel structures are more durable and only require a coat of protective paint to keep them well maintained.

Tip 7

Customise the design by adding additional features like entrances that attach onto the fencing. Being a DIY enthusiast, you may be able to add extra designs to your fence, visit your local fencing suppliers around the Oxford area to see what kind of products they have in store.

Tip 8

Consider your reasons for building a fence, are you trying to keep local animals out of your property or do you need it to protect your children. You may just want it for aesthetic purposes, either way, choose what is right for you.

These 8 great tips will help you think before you start construction on your home fence, decide on its purpose and choose material which best suits your needs. Consult a fencing supply specialist if you require more information on the subject.

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