5 Things to Consider Before Installing an Evaporative Air Cooler


Most people living in Australia will agree that at least some form of domestic cooling is required over the warmer months which can see temperatures, both inside and out, sky rocket. The trick is in buying the right cooling system for your home environment – whether that be a simple fan, an air conditioning system or something else entirely.

Some people go for an evaporative cooler but there are several things that you should know before installing such a system inside your home. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

To put it simply, this simple and cost-effective method of cooling involves passing air over a wet surface. Through the laws of physics, this in turn cools the temperature of the air where it can then be pumped to wherever it is required.

This effect can be seen when stepping out of the sea on a warm day and then immediately feeling cooler as air passes over your skin.

  1. Climate is Everything

The first point for consideration is whether you live in an environment which is going to provide you with the best from an evaporative cooler. The cooling process we have outlined is most effective when the humidity levels of the surrounding air are as low as possible. To put this into context, hot and dry desert like environments really excel when it comes to evaporative cooling.

A good rule of thumb is a relative humidity level of less than 60%. Any higher than this and other forms of cooling may become more effective.

  1. Energy Efficiency

As mentioned, evaporative cooling is generally a low-cost way to regulate the temperature in your home. On a like for like basis, this type of cooling system can actually be more efficient than a traditional air conditioning system.

  1. Getting the Sizing Right

It is important that you specify the right size of cooler for your desired room or space. A cooler that is too small will result in excessive energy consumption. Cubic feet per minute is the recognised measure of cooling capacity so perform a simple calculation with your intended space.

  1. Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

It is also important that any evaporative cooling system is maintained to ensure efficiency and longevity. Each system will have an inbuilt filter system which will need cleaning periodically. Evaporative cooling repairs in Melbourne can be carried out by any qualified HVAC specialist so make sure you know who to speak to locally. Maintenance is usually cost-effective so shouldn’t be considered a barrier to entry.

  1. Buying the Right Type of Evaporative Cooler

Being making your purchase, its always a good idea to do a little research into the types of product available on the market. The two types to be aware of in this instance are portable and window mounted coolers. The type of system you go for will depend on your needs but if you foresee yourself needing to move your cooler from room to room, it might make sense to go with a portable model.

Now you’re all set. Simply find a retailer in your area selling models suitable for your home.

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