4 Elements That Can Ruin Your Roof


There are many things that can affect the condition of your roof, we don’t have the time or energy to climb up on a ladder and examine our roof every day, so we never really know what condition it is in. Here are four common elements that roofing services in Bromley say can damage the health of your roof. Your roof will deteriorate due to external factors, when it needs attention, it is better to call a professional rather than DIY. Here are the reasons why:

  • Experience & Knowledge
  • Safety
  • Access to the Right Materials & Equipment
  • Highly Skilled Workers
  • Lower Chance of Making Mistakes
  1. Sun

Everyone loves when the summer months come around, we get to sit outside and soak up some rays. As much as we enjoy the sun, when it gets too hot we can pop indoors for a break, your roof doesn’t have this option. Extensive exposure can cause broken shingles, fading and other types of damage.

  1. Overhanging Branches

Most of us have trees in our garden, they give us shade during the summer and contribute to the local ecosystem. But overhanging branches can cause serious damage to our roof.

  1. Strong Winds

Because of our location, we get hit with strong winds throughout the year. When a storm passes through, strong winds can cause expensive damage to our homes, in particular our roof.

  1. Moss

This compound creates a crusty-looking growth that spreads across our roof. If left alone, it continues to grow and damage the structure.

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