3 Typical Pests That You Will Find Trying To Set Up a Home On Your Property.


Generally speaking, when guests arrive at your home to stay a while, it is because you invited them there and you enjoy their company. However, sometimes guests arrive and they don’t care whether you invited them or not because they are staying whether you like it or not. I am, of course, talking about pests and not the human kind. In the United Kingdom, homeowners get visits from a number of pests every year and even though you move them on each time, they still return year after year. Many of them, you can take steps yourself to remove them, but with others, you need some professional help.

You can find squirrel, bees, moles, ants, mice, rats and the best bird control services in Hythe and they know all the methods of removing unwanted visitors but in a very humane way. Here is a short list of some typical pests found in and around UK homes.

  1. Pigeons are probably the single biggest pest most homes experience year after year. They are referred to as, the rats of the sky and with good reasons. They carry disease and leave their droppings all over your property.
  2. There is nothing worse than hearing a mouse or a rat scurrying across your roof while you are sleeping and they also like to chew through electrical and internet cables. Replacing these can run into many hundreds of pounds.
  3. Wasps and bees can be really dangerous, especially to pets and children. If they are not handled correctly, there is a real danger that they will sting.

If you experience any of the above pests, give your local pest control a call and let them deal with it effectively and safely.

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